Stop! …Hammock Time

Stop! …Hammock Time

Summer is fast approaching and thoughts are turning to beaches, BBQ's, camping, and gardening. Whatever your pleasure this summer, be sure to include the ultimate family friendly tool of summer relaxation... one of Anna's Hammocks.

Long day at work?  Grab a frosty beverage, melt into your Anna's Hammock and let go of your worries for awhile.  Long day on the trail? Good thing your Anna's Hammock is so lightweight and portable, hang it up, slide in, and give those aching feet a rest.


"I started making hammocks after a trip to Costa Rica," says Anna's Hammocks founder Anna Kornoelje, "The first hammock I made was a gift, and I'm proud to say its going strong after many years. I've spent many happy hours field testing these hammocks and I'm pleased to bring you my best work!

Since that first hammock, friends saw them on backpacking trips and have been asking for one of their very own. I made a bunch of them for friends and family on my ancient sewing machine. My Uncle Bill liked the design and suggested that we start a business. We enlisted the help of a local sewing company and here we are. We're proud to be a family-owned business, and we aim to please."

In the process of developing a marketing plan for the logo and branding for her business, Anna chose to do die cut custom stickers with a unique shape contoured to her logo."CSM helped me create my logo, they were so helpful and willing to try new things to get the look I wanted".

As part of the marketing plan, she says, "I give away a sticker with each order. Its a nice little bonus for our customers. I also give them away at shows and festivals, its always nice to be able to give a little gift to people passing by and checking out our hammocks."

When asked to comment about his Anna's Hammock, CSM Owner Jeff Daverman stated simply, "It's where I go to relax, you need one of these." offers quality hammocks and accessories that are handcrafted in southwest Michigan. They are lightweight, portable, and affordable - perfect for backpacking or backyarding!

***Each week during the month of June, one CSM customer will be randomly selected to win their very own, super high quality Anna's Hammock...

To enter the Summer Lazy Days Hammock Giveaways, simply place an order for custom stickers between now and June 30th, and you'll automatically be entered to win one of these great hammocks!

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