Sticker Spotlight: Coupe Custom Accessories

WARNING: These Stickers May be Totally Awesome (And Not for Kids)

If you're looking for family car decals or cute bumper stickers, keep looking because these stickers are downright RUDE. That's right, Coupe Custom Accessories offers a full line of vintage-style, "Rude Rat" stickers for hot rod enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you want to deck out your Man Cave or tell car show spectators what you really think of their opinions, Coupe Custom Accessories has you covered.


Coupe Custom Accessories is one of the largest sticker and automobilia suppliers in the hot rod industry. Their decals were featured on the 2001 LA Roadster show winning car, and celebrities such as ZZ Top guitarist, Billy Gibbons, has ordered decals for his hot rods.

With an in-house artist, the company has produced more than 600 images for stickers, banners, and signs, with many of the stickers printed by Custom Sticker Makers. In the last year, Coupe Custom Accessories also secured the rights to the very popular "Coop" sticker line.

For any hot rod, rat rod, garage owner, or car show enthusiast, Custom Coupe Accessories' stickers are a must-have.

Finding a Custom Sticker Printer as Cool as the Designs

For quality products, a company needs quality vendors. Mr. Coupe tried several companies before deciding on Custom Sticker Makers.

"I tried three other companies before someone was nice enough to let me know about you guys. We had at least one order from each and it was your low pricing and quality that really hooked me."

- Owner, Coupe Custom Accessories

Not only is he happy to support a local business from his home state, but he was impressed with the competitive pricing and high quality that Custom Sticker Makers offers. Coupe Custom Accessories' entire "Rude Rat" product line is printed by Custom Sticker Makers.


Coupe Custom Accessories sells stickers, water slide decals, garage gifts and accessories, and more. To learn more about Coupe Custom Accessories, visit their website at

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