Innovative Marketing with Bumper Stickers

Innovative Marketing with Bumper Stickers

There are all sorts of ways to infuse innovative marketing into your business: internet marketing, newspaper print, signage and more. But most of these avenues are also very expensive and some are not as effective as others. What your business needs is an effective yet affordable means of marketing its products and services.

While you want to make sure that your advertising efforts pay off, you also need to pay attention to your bottom line. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot more money on marketing than necessary, as it will just eat away at your profits.

Instead, there’s a powerful means of advertising your business in a unique manner that will meet even the tightest of advertising budgets — with custom bumper stickers! Think about how many cars are out on the road right now and how many times you’ve been stuck behind one in traffic, only to read their bumper stickers while you wait. When someone’s sitting at a red light or in grid-locked traffic, they’re in the perfect position to stare at the backs of the cars ahead.

Rather than staring at a blank bumper, they could be looking at a bumper sticker that advertises exactly what you want prospective clients to learn about your business! Whether you’re simply creating brand awareness or are promoting a certain sale, advertising on a bumper sticker is a fantastic way to get the attention of potential buyers out there.

Despite the fact that you’re working with a small amount of space on a bumper sticker, you can still get your point across. Sometimes just the name and contact information of your spiritual business is enough to pique a person’s interest and spark their attention. Throw in a catchy phrase to make your bumper sticker pop, and you’ve got yourself a great advertising canvas!

If you've got a great design drawn out or just sitting in photoshop, we'd love to see it! Upload your artwork now.

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