Featured Artist: Adam Waddell

Featured Artist: Adam Waddell

Pittsburgh based artist, Adam Waddell, brings his talents to the Etsy and Tumblr markets. Not only does he offer one of a kind, unique ceramic housewares, sculptures, earthy jewelry, and abstract paintings, he also has a line of custom printed stickers that are available through his Etsy store: All of which are printed by Custom Sticker Makers.


Like many artists, Adam uses his stickers to promote his business and make his work available to anyone, no matter what their budget may be.  Adam’s artwork is some of the most fun, interesting, and beautifully handcrafted artwork we’ve seen.  Custom Sticker Makers is thrilled to be a part of his business plan!

Adam gets his stickers printed by Custom Sticker Makers because “Custom Sticker Makers produce a high quality vinyl stickers with a quick turn around and affordable price.” And he plans on ordering more designs in the near future.


If you are in the market for beautifully artistic pieces, have an appreciation for independent art, or simply want a unique sticker to show off your creative flair, be sure to check out AJW Creations. You are sure to be impressed!


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