Custom Stickers for Book Club Members

Custom Stickers for Book Club Members

Book groups have grown exponentially in the last 15 years. One Texas book club that was founded in 2000 now has more than 350 chapters in the U.S. and abroad. Even Oprah’s book club has grown into 2 million members since 1995.

Are you one of the millions of avid readers who belong to a book club? Do you love the tactile quality of holding a book?  If so, spread the word about your love of books with a book club logo created and produced by Custom Sticker Makers. We are an online printer of custom stickers that include everything from bottle labels to bumper stickers and buttons to decals.

You can design a book club logo with the name of your group as an easy-to-peel off or a decal for your books. Or, you can have a custom label made with the book club’s name and post it on the back windshield of your car. We can print on any size item from 2” to 11” and your custom stickers can be shaped as circles, squares, or rectangles.

Don’t get us wrong, we love digital readers. But as avid book readers ourselves, we are happy to cater to the thousands of book club members who still like a real “page turner.” Contact us today to learn more about our custom stickers. Our staff is always ready to promote the love of books.

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