Custom Bumper Stickers: Promotions That Love to Travel

Custom Bumper Stickers: Promotions That Love to Travel

Do you have a cause you'd like to promote?

Consider this: There is no bigger bang for your advertising dollar than custom bumper stickers. They're not only a great way to double your money, but with custom bumper stickers, you'll likely get triple your exposure compared to other print advertising mediums. Not only that, custom bumper stickers are a proven way to effectively raise funds and awareness for your schools, programs, church, club, band or business.


Here's an example:

A 10" x 2" custom bumper sticker costs $380 for 500 made by C.S.M. Your profit, if sold for around $3 or $4 ea., would be between: $1100-$1600.

?Wait!!...That's WAY more than doubling your money!

This is Smart Advertising

Who doesn't love to read the clever quotes and promotions on cars? As drivers and passengers in cars, we're offered insights into the sentiments of the car's owner while at the same time, as promoter, get to take advantage of a unique opportunity to raise awareness about our cause. As it is, promotional bumper stickers are one of the most effective and affordable ways to advertise and get your word out... and a clever way to get the attention of millions of people sitting in their cars.  As this happens every day over the years of the life of your bumper sticker you begin to see the value of one custom sticker as a promotional tool.

Cost Effective Advertising at its Best

Most print advertising is very expensive. Moreover, the life of a print advertisement in most publications is incredibly short run - and all the money you just spent - ends up in the recycle bin with little to no afterthought. Your advertisements placed in newspapers, weeklys, and magazines are looked at a handful of times before they are recycled or discarded.  Even a phone book ad is tossed after a year. Comparably, custom bumper stickers, strategically placed, will keep representing you on and on and offers an opportunity for your cause to be seen in a multitude of locations with an indefinite shelf life. Not only that, compare the costs of a run of custom bumper stickers to the costs of any other print advertising and well, you'll soon get the picture. It's true: there is no better advertising bang for the buck than a well placed vinyl custom sticker!

If you've got a clever idea or fresh store logo we can make a custom bumper sticker for you!

CSM Stickers make great car stickers, bike stickers, boat stickers, motorcycle stickers, guitar stickers, band stickers, skateboard stickers, snowboard stickers, laptop stickers, political bumper stickers, photographs on stickers...You name it; the possibilities are endless!


Custom Sticker Makers will print any image into a profitable full color vinyl custom bumper sticker!

Can We Help?

Here at Custom Sticker Makers, we’re here to help you bring your ideas to reality! Our Custom Stickers are a high quality, low cost way to express your ideas and we’re here to support you in your goals! Design your custom stickers and we’ll do the rest! Need Help? Contact Us Today!


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