Sticker Spotlight: MILK + HONEY

milk & honey

Enter the land of MILK + HONEY. As most women know, finding the right hair products that don't damage or dry out your hair (or do the opposite and make it slick with oil) can be tough. On top of that, we don't want to be pouring chemicals and harmful substances into our lovely tresses. Furthermore, certain hair types require very specialized products to get just the right 'do.'


MILK + HONEY offers a premium line of hair products specifically designed for women with curly or non-relaxed hair. Their two product lines are moisturizers and detanglers, two common problems with curly hair. Whether you're trying to perfect the twist out or the latest updo, MILK + HONEY products can help.

Made with all natural ingredients, MILK + HONEY strives to provide the highest quality products for coarse, textured hair. All products are paraben-free, and even glycerin free. That doesn't stop it from making your hair feel like "moisturized silk," so much so that you might believe it's made from unicorns.


For their cute custom bottle labels, MILK + HONEY uses Custom Sticker Makers. They needed a waterproof, high quality label that wouldn't rub off the bottle after mixing with water, mousse, detangler, and other hair products. They also needed printed of custom labels of different sizes for their various products, which isn't a problem at Custom Sticker Makers.

We chose Custom Sticker Makers because of the affordable pricing and minimum order amount. Not to mention, that we had total creative freedom in the design of our labels. Printing with Custom Sticker Makers didn't limit us to using certain sticker/label sizes that may or may not fit our bottles. When you are a smaller company, you may not be in a position to purchase thousands of labels to meet a minimum order requirement. Custom Sticker Makers allowed us to purchase weather resistant labels in any size or shape for our products and we had total creative freedom, which is great!

- Tasha, MILK + HONEY founder

To learn more about MILK + HONEY and order some of their quality products, visit


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