Goodbye 2014…..Hello 2015! It’s official, we are putting 2014 to bed, and embarking on what we know will be another successful year here at CSM.  2014 was a great year, and we’re building our momentum to bring an even better 2015 to you!   We printed thousands of Custom Die Cut stickers, Custom Labels, Double Cut stickers, and more this year; and as artists, we love seeing every single piece of artwork that comes in.


We get to print everything from bath and body product labels for companies like Milk & Honey, to logo stickers for companies like Grand Rapids Bicycle Co., and much much more!  We’ve printed custom stickers for artists like iRawt, bands like The Raven Claw Hammer, non-profit organizations like SUA (supporting urban agriculture), and bakeries like Shannon’s Cheesecakes.  The list could go on and on ad infinitum.



The one thing we really know for sure, we enjoy working with every single one of our amazing customers and look forward to seeing what you can create for us to print in 2015!

Wilderness15k2-012014 brought us a very unique opportunity.  If  you’ve followed our blog or social media networks, you may recall our posts about the Wilderness 50th Anniversary celebration that took place in 2014.  We had the special opportunity to collaborate with many National Forests, National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Landscape Conservation System land offices, non-profit organizations and universities across the country and print amazing stickers for a great cause.  We got to meet dozens of the amazing men and women who work hard to protect the wilderness areas that we all enjoy every day, and this was one of the real highlights of 2014 for us.

We’ve also boosted our  Instagram and Pinterest presence in a big way this year, so be sure to check out our constantly updating galleries on these sites!  We hope that you find inspiration for your own sticker designs from the awesome artwork we’ve gotten to print recently!  We would love to connect with you on our new Google+ page as well!



We want to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of such a great year.  2015 is sure to bring new adventures, new ideas and of course, new designs to print.  We can’t wait to see what rolls through our printers in the next 365 days!  Don’t forget to check out our templates for an easy guide to setting up those new designs. If you have any questions, be sure to contact Erin, she’s here to help you get you perfect your stickers so that you can maximize your use!

Let’s make 2015 the best year yet!

Happy New Year!