It’s our pleasure to bring you another customer feature this week that’s been a long-standing customer of ours

Camps and organizations that facilitate retreats, conferences, and other gatherings for all ages are incredibly important to our local communities. So, we wanted to feature one that’s right here in our backyard

Friendly Pines Camp is a family-owned, independent camp that serves as a residential summer camp for all boys and girls ages 6-13. 

During the rest of the year Friendly Pines Camp rents its facilities to a wide variety of groups for retreats, conferences, and other gatherings and is located in the Bradshaw Range just south of Prescott, Arizona, which is about 2 hours northwest of Phoenix, about 2 hours southwest of Flagstaff, and about an hour west of Sedona

What really stands out to us about Friendly pines is their longstanding tradition of seeing their camp as a different kind of classroom, where their campers learn from the vast mountain forest, and by hands-on doing

Plus, check out this HUGE list of activities that the camp offers:


We seriously encourage you to go check out Friendly Pines online at Their site is full of images that better describe them than we ever could!

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