Extend Sandal Season Into Fall

CustomStickerMakersSandalEssenceSandal season may be coming to a close, but for people with healthy feet, it may last a little longer. Sandal Essence is a dry heel moisturizer that penetrates deeper than ordinary lotions and helps to quickly rehydrate and nourish areas of callused buildup and cracking. (Warning: This product may cause you to want to move to the Bahamas so you never have to cover your feet again.)

Finding the Sweet Spot

Sandal Essence has been busy experimenting adding new yummy scents to their line, along with their original spa-friendly lavender scent. Their new products reach a wider audience, and they thank Custom Sticker Makers for enabling them to test the market with various products in small batches of custom printed labels.

Their full line of scents now include lavender, rose, peach, pineapple, eucalyptus, gardenia, and grapefruit. There are also seasonal scents such as cool peppermint during the winter holidays.

Pre-Shopping for the Holidays

Sandal Essence MoisturizersShopping for the holidays is a pain, and it’s easy to procrastinate until the last minute. But Sandal Essence moisturizers make great, affordable gifts. It’s hard to not enjoy quality products that take care of your skin during the harshest months of the year. Sandal Essence is sold in many spas, pharmacies and retail stores. It’s also sold online along with “mini” Sandal Essence sampler packs of all seven available scents.

The Obvious Choice for Stickers

The jars required labels that would resist soaking up the essential oils in the moisturizers, keep their vibrant colors, and stay on. Because of the different sized/colored jars, they required a wide variety of custom vinyl stickers without added fees.

We chose Custom Sticker Makers for two advantages over the competition, affordability and quality. The prices are lower than other companies’ for the minimums we needed and the quality is, in our opinion, excellent!…a low cost, high quality sticker for startup companies like us who are experimenting with new ideas everyday!

– Marc, Sandal Essence

Showing off Sandal Essence Mini Samplers

Click here to learn more and order Sandal Essence for you and your friends!


Every custom sticker order placed during the month of October, 2013,  will include a special “goody bag” filled with candy (of course!), a notepad and pen, a double cut sticker sheet, and a sample pack of Sandal Essence moisturizers, including all seven scents!

Additionally, Custom Sticker Makers will be sending out a variety of coupons that will be randomly placed into the goody bags.  With coupons valued up to $200, now’s the time to stock up and save (and get some great goodies)!