As many of our readers already know, Custom Sticker Makers is a big supporter of groups, practices and movements that encourage responsible stewardship of this great land. This month we’re more than thrilled to share with you our excitement over the unveiling of a feature length documentary in our owner’s hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Exported From Michigan, celebrates the innovation and commitment of Michigan residents to rise from their ashes, revive their local economy, and build a sustainable future impervious to the model of practice that has all but destroyed their spirit and dream for a better future.


It’s no secret that Michigan was the first to fall in our recent economic collapse. Many may not know, however, they’ve also been the first to rise. All over Michigan, innovative and solution driven folk have created and developed new economic models as solutions to the challenges they’ve faced. From urban farming and microbreweries to big business innovations in wind, solar and hybrid electric auto, Michigan innovators knew that developing sustainable energy, transportation and agricultural systems would be imperative. Consequently, today, it’s Michigan who is setting the standard for the rest of the country and, dare I say, world.

Exported-from-Mich-speaker-compilationIt all started 40 months ago when director Jon Vander Pol, along with 30 other artists set out to make a documentary about the steadfast resilience in Michigan and innovative solutions beyond 20th century energy systems. The result? An inspiring feature length documentary film that brilliantly showcases the heart and soul of a community of like minded individuals – who are not only producing sustainable and viable solutions to an economic crisis, they’re spear-heading and inspiring a movement to re-visit and embrace the values of community, along with Eco-conscious and bio-diverse practices; practices that promise to lay a solid foundation for generations to come.

Stories and characters include: The University of Michigan Solar Car Team, Bob Lutz, Rick DeVos, Mayor Heartwell, ArtPrize, Medical Mile, GM, Ford, Energetx Composites, Earthwork Music Collective, Spirit of Hope Urban Farm, Local First, Brewery Vivant, Founders Brewing and many more.

Creative and innovative people working together to solve the problem and enjoy the process, even if it is hard at times. Check out the trailer below and be sure to visit to learn how you can get involved in your local area.


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