Custom-Sticker-Makers-DreamkeepersOne of our more unique clients at Custom Sticker Makers is DreamKeepers! A dynamic and graphic novel comic series for adult audiences who enjoy the excitement of the world of dreams where anything is possible…which of course includes nightmares!  “Every night when you fall asleep you catch glimpses of another reality….The Dream World.” Luckily, everyone in Dream World has their own DreamKeeper, a dream guardian, to protect them from nightmares and the unlimited possibilities that they bring.

David and Liz Lillie, creators of DreamKeepers, have completed their third volume of this  anthropomorphic fantasy comic book which has gained attention by comic book enthusiasts worldwide.  The first volume was a Bronze Medalist in the Graphic Novel/Drawn Book Humor/Cartoon category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2007 and is available online for free! A 98 page full color ebook that introduces you to this unbelievable Dream World of fantasy.  Check it out here!

David Lillie says the custom die-cut stickers of the characters are “absolutely great promos at conventions, readers love them.  Small, colorful, and memorable.  Plus if they decorate their laptops and notebooks with our characters, it’s a lot easier for them to remember us and come back around for the next book.  Additionally, I like to slip a free surprise sticker into orders now and again, or even create unique one-time-only stickers for contests and promotions.  I initially went with Custom Sticker Makers because they were cheaper than the other sticker places out there.  But now that I’ve gotten a taste of their quality, not to mention their customer service, I don’t see a reason to go anywhere else.” And their stickers are “awesome…colorful, clear, glossy, and very nice!” Thanks DreamKeepers!…keep on keeping dreams sweet!