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In the market for small custom stickers or labels?

 As the name implies, a ‘small’ sticker is any sticker that is under four square inches. Stickers that fall into this category are ideal for direct application, such as labeling products or brand packaging. For extra ease of use, at Custom Sticker Makers, your small custom stickers or labels are printed on *kiss-cut sheets, allowing for much easier removal, application and storage.

At Custom Sticker Makers, we print your small custom stickers and labels as small as 1/4″ x 1/4″!

While most of our competition has a small sticker limit of 2” x 2″,  at Custom Sticker Makers we’ll print your stickers as small as 0.25” x 0.25”.   We also offer custom die-cut shapes for small stickers. With this option, we cut your small stickers or labels individually, for example, if they were to be handed out. SmallStickers

Why Quality Matters?

At Custom Sticker Makers, your small stickers or labels are printed on the same outdoor vinyl material that we print our larger stickers on. This means that your full color stickers or labels are waterproof (and colorproof) – no matter what size they are! At Custom Sticker Makers, small stickers and labels have the following minimum quantity requirements per order: •    0.25 to 1 square inch – 500 min. qty •    1 to 2 square inch – 250 min. qty •    2 to 4 square inch – 100 min. qty *The kiss cut and sheet option means that we cut through the vinyl, but not the liner. Your stickers will arrive on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets instead of individually cut out with their own backings, allowing for ease of use and safer storage.Small Custom Stickers




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