School is officially out, and many of us will be boarding a plane this summer to jet off to a special destination.  While many of us don’t travel often, taking a flight may be a special treat. For those that work in the airline industry, however, flying is a day to day part of their job, and often is something that airline crew members absolutely love!  Many airline associates build their career in this industry, and when the day comes to finally retire, it can be hard to say goodbye.  BuhBye


217155329Lindy Watts, owner and creator of Designs Buh-Bye Lindy, was an American Airlines Flight Attendant for 27 years, and when it came time for her to take her last flight, she had an inspiration to create a fun and witty shirt to wear to her very last recurrent training in January of 2013.  This simple idea of a fun shirt soon led Lindy to her new venture of owning and operating her own online store. features fun novelties for airline crew members, or those that love them.

From t-shirts to tote-bags, mugs to baggage tags, and of course stickers, Lindy has built a fun and creative way to continue doing what she loves, and inspire others around the world.

If you love to fly, work for an airline, or have a friend or loved one in the airline industry, be sure to check out Designs Buh-Bye Lindy today!Lindy-engine-md