Based in Los Angeles California, The Raven Claw Hammer is a unique band that fuses sounds from Americana, Bluegrass, Punk, Folk, Blues, Goth, Rock n Roll and Country.  Self proclaimed “A crazy little slightly disturbed group of musicians and friends,”  They have been bonded together by their love of music, especially rock and roll.  We had the opportunity recently to print some amazing double cut stickers for their band, which help spread their message of music, and enjoying life, with others who are as passionate as they are.

Their stickers help promote the band, and they have started to plaster them on virtually any surface they can find.  If you make it to one of their shows, you’re sure to see their stickers adorning their equipment and you might even get a chance to pick one up.  You can find them frequently playing at local venues around the greater Los Angeles area.

We enjoyed printing these stickers, because their artist put together a beautiful design, and we love nothing more than printing amazing artwork.  The Raven Claw Hammer chose CSM as their sticker printer because “the quality was top notch for a great price.”

Be sure to check them out at a music venue near you, or listen online at http://www.reverbnation.com/TheRavenClawHammerRavenClawHammer