At Custom Sticker Makers, we love to support creative, free thinkers who bring their ideas to life and thus, bring light to their corner of the world. It’s no wonder then, ibii™ found us to support them in their most worthwhile endeavor. This month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on a fun and inspiring movement that promises to motivate you to release your inner ‘ibii’, break free from the status quo and forge a new path that inspires you to share your own creative passion with the world!

What exactly is ibii™? ibii™ is a symbol of creativity and free thinking; an acronym that stands for,  I Bring Ideas and Inspiration. ibii™ represents four simple but very important principles; be true to yourself, value creativity in all forms, express your individuality, and project a positive attitude. As simplistic and profound as these truths are, ibii is a character that, when in the hands of the creative elite, will spread the love across the Globe and in turn, encourage others to release their inner ibii as well!ibii-customer-spotlight3

Even more than that, however, ibii™ also represents the inspiration that brings ideas and imagination to life. With one eye targeting its dreams and the other focused on the love of living, ibii™ always sees opportunities where others see obstacles. And with its mouth sown shut, ibii’s physical form represents the ability to do less talking and more doing, while its square head serves as a constant reminder of the box that once kept all its aspirations locked away. The good news is, no matter who you are, every one has the power of ibii™ within them, but only those who want it bad enough can unleash it. If you’re ready to unlock the potential bottled up within you, take that first bold step and allow yourself to be inspired. Free your ibii™ and watch as ideas and imagination free your mind.

ibii™ Loves to Travel

ibii-customer-spotlight2At Custom Sticker Makers, we’re excited that ibii™ stickers play an important role. “The stickers are perfect for our brand as it gives our followers something tangible to remind them to feel inspired. We take him on trips and pass them out to strangers and tell them to take a picture of ibii wherever they go and feel inspired. Then they send us their photos. Custom Sticker Makers offers premium quality, awesome customer care and gives my business a product that I can stand by and feel good about handing out. I would recommend CSM in a heart beat.”


Looks like ibii™ is getting around!

If your in a rut and seeking a little motivation to remind you of your talents and encourage you to be assertive in getting what you want out of life, for yourself and for the better of the world,  ibii™ is your source to channel it.

Inspiration should be contagious. Start spreading it.