It’s no secret that CSM is very involved in our local community. We believe that local businesses are what fuel the economy on a larger scale and anytime we can support and enhance our local economy here in Prescott, Arizona, we do it!

One of our recent clients, Jean Wilcox, happens to also be a local client who focuses on the importance of ‘buying local’ in her campaign to become the next Mayor of Prescott.

We wanted to ask Jean a few questions about local economy and how tourism and the arts can work together to fuel a local economy. Here are her answers.


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What’s your viewpoint on the arts and how do you feel they matter in Prescott as a tourist town?
​”Prescott has an unusual number of very talented, nationally renowned artists. As a city, we need to promote the art, music, and theater we have here so tourists will know Prescott is the place to come for culture and entertainment. People travel from all over the country in search of “undiscovered” art and music.” Public art, in particular, deserves our support. Our community is more beautiful and visitors’ experience is even more enjoyable.”

Is Buying Local important to you and why?
“Buying local” is important to me for several reasons. I believe in supporting our local merchants who have invested in our community. I enjoy talking with local businesses about market trends, their needs, and their successes. And, when you buy in Prescott, your sales taxes help support our police, fire, recreation, and library services–that’s a win-win in my mind. For my campaign, I bought everything through local merchants and was so pleased with the great service and their products. “Buying local” is a good way to be part of my community.”


This is a perfect example of how freedom of expression is so important. At CSM, we give ALL people a way to freely express themselves in any way they see fit. Politics are important, but the overall health of our local governments and financial stability of those governments are what really counts.

Buy local when you can! The food tastes better. The transaction feels better. Your local community is lifted up and prospers when money stays within the local community. And as an added bonus, the overall health of our national economy benefits when our local communities are strong.